My least favorite word. Budget…..

Day 3:

If you are like me, you don’t have a secret trust fund stashed away and no matter how much it hurts, you realize you are never going to find out you are really a princess.  Well shucks…..*cries into Doritos bag*

So what that means is that when you decide to take the big leap and open up your own business, you are going to spend hours upon hours crunching numbers in your head and on paper.  I have been shaking my head A LOT today.  However, the good news is I have nine months to save up so I am not feeling too defeated.

Another good part is that I don’t have to worry about renting a space since it will be home based.  This makes me happy because I can’t imagine how much it would cost to rent a commercial space in Las Vegas. My apartment rent is high enough.

After doing a little bit of research I learned that my main costs are going to come from business licenses, insurance, lawyer fees for drawing up contracts and marketing materials.  Plus I would love to take some courses in event planning to get some accreditation and attend some bridal expos to get some insight on trends and such.

I am currently looking to work two jobs to make this happen. I am on the lookout for a side serving/cocktail waitress job. To be honest it has been a hassle more than anything. I have 7 years of restaurant experience yet nabbing a serving job in Vegas is like trying to become an astronaut it seems like. I have a few more interviews though so fingers crossed I get one soon!

I am willing to do whatever it takes to one day become my own boss. My motto is hustle hard in my 20’s (what’s left of them at least) and I can thoroughly enjoy my 30’s and so on.

I currently don’t have any tips on budgeting because to be real, I am absolutely terrible at it. My method of budgeting is called “out of sight, out of mind”. I basically find a secret hiding place to stash it. It works but not in the way you think. I usually end up forgetting about it after a couple of weeks/months so it just gets lost forever. Sigh. Yes, people consider me a legal adult. Shocking I know.

Let me know in the comments your favorite way to budget. Let’s help each other out.

Here is another tidbit of wedding trivia I found out today. According to folklore, the real reason the groom carries the bride across the threshold is to protect her from the evil spirits lurking below.  However when I get married, I plan on getting carried into a Taco Bell so the only spirits I will have to worry about are the hungry ones.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today. I hope the rest of your day is as fabulous as your are. Keep dreaming high loves and continue to sparkle.

Until next time




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