What’s in a name?

Day 2

Hello loves!

Well….one of the hard parts is over. I finally picked a name for my future business! I went over many options in my head and finally made a decision……




I chose this name because I feel that it kills two birds with one stone. It explains my personality a lot. I love the simple things in life yet I always find a way to add a little sparkle to it.  It also allows my potential clients to see that I am very flexible, whether it be planning a very small event or an over the top event, I will be able to add a little sparkle and shine to each one.

After doing some research I have figured out the do’s and don’ts when picking a name for your business.


  1. Show your personality! Owning your own business allows you to be super creative. Let your name show your true colors not hide them.
  2.  Be unique! As the talented Judy Garland said, “Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.” In other words, don’t Google popular business names. Sit down with a piece of paper and just have a creative brainstorm. Pick a name that will be fun and memorable.
  3. Showcase your services! You want to make sure that your business name fits with what you are offering to your customers.
  4. Keep it short and sweet! Ever looked at a long paragraph and decided to just skim over it? If you make your business name super long, this may happen to you.
  5.  Make sure the domain name is available! From what I have heard, Trademark Infringement is not a fun thing. Don’t put money into a website or marketing materials before making sure the name isn’t already registered or protected, especially if you both are offering the same services.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog today. I hope that this advice will help someone in the same boat as me. I love to share what I am currently learning. Let me know what you think of my new business name in the comments! I would appreciate it.

I am going to end this post by giving you a little bit of wedding trivia I learned today. Did you know that Saturday is actually the UNLUCKIEST day to get married according to legend? It is very ironic considering that it is one of the most popular days to get married.

Well it is time to  eat my delicious lunch/dinner that my friend treated me to. Yummy Panera Bread. Sometimes you just need a grilled cheese and some warm broccoli cheddar soup to brighten your day up!

Keep sparkling loves! Until next time,





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